Friday, September 12, 2008

An End in Sight

Well, my friend, the temperatures here are dipping below 100 and I think this will be the weekend I pull out the Halloween decorations! I know it's early, but since I've been running my A/C since the end of April, I'll do anything to make it more fall-ish! Here's a little decoration I did last year and I'm excited to try some more! It's a nice transition into Fall activity! I can't wait to open my windows and doors! It's like our second spring!

Here are just two paintings by some of my favorite Etsy artists!

Aren't they just adorable! These are definitely my "license to decorate"!


Zee said...

What a cool song by Chicane you have on your blog! A mix of dance and samba!!! So cool!
It's cooling down around here too...
I like this picture by Time With Tascha, very sweet!!!

MarySue said...

You inspire me and thanks for also helping me with some of my fall decorations!!! You are so good.

Audra said...

Love the pictures. She does great work.