Saturday, September 6, 2008

Puppies 4 Sale!

When I visited Leigh's Etsy shop, Silly Turnip, I couldn't get over the cleverness of this picture, or the adorableness of the handmade puppies!

So when I saw that she was having a SALE, I could hold out no longer! I had to make "Buttercup" mine!

Well, she arrived today, and was so happy to come in out of the 107 degree heat where she was ooo'd and aaaa'd over endlessly!

Then my daughter and I realized she seemed a little homesick for her brothers and sisters. No amount of consoling would do! There was only one solution!

We asked for "Pickles" to come and join her. That should make everyone happy!

You can check out Silly Turnips adorable dolls here!


The White House said...

Don't you love her cute little handmade goods? I am so blessed to be Leigh's sister-in-law, so she make trial cuties for my kids!!! Great site.

Trevlyn said...

Yes! They're so unique with great personality! You are a lucky "Guinnea Pig"! ;)