Tuesday, October 7, 2008


If you haven't spotted her yet, here's the newest bunny to hop into the Sweet Tweets Shop. Turquoise and red are just meant for each other and the white polka dots are just the cherry on top! She also has a couple new friends with her ~ The Red Beaded Matryoshka Doll and Turquoise Cashmere Kitten.

I need to hunt down more of this fabric! I just love these roses! And since I'm in a turquoise and red mood...I thought I'd share some Etsy finds that are quite darling! Oh, and I almost forgot! Stay tuned for a Halloween Giveaway coming soon!!!

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domestic bliss said...

I just saw that you have us on your inspiration list ( I am flattered!)- and then noticed that you are in ARIZONA!- Yay! I love your creations- I hope you are coming to Blissfest & the Nielson Carnival--
Such treats!