Monday, October 27, 2008

Shop Update!

It's been a while since Sweet Tweets has seen so much update action! I kept very busy today adding many more little friends to the shop shelves today and wanted to share a few. Joining the crowd is this precious kitten made from a darling Gymboree dress.

This little cashmere bunny dances to her own drum!

Then there's a parade of bunnies of many colors and textures! Some are polka dot...

...while this brown and pink minky bunny just makes me want to curl up and take a nap!

My sweet Mark was just called in to work (at 10:19 PM) and I'm feeling a little guilty heading off to bed while he puts out fires...not literally...his company is installing traffic cams (don't shoot the messenger) so if there's a problem, it's a big problem because the freeways are shut down, blah, blah, to dream land with heavy lids.

PS. Stop back by Friday for some Give Away love!

1 comment:

MarySue said...

Everything, absolutely everything is darling. What good work you do!!!