Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts

I've always WANTED to make a "Thanksgiving Tree" with our family...and I think with these beautiful printables, we're set! You can find them here!

A few years ago, I made these place cards and they were quite a hit! Easy instructions here.

And if you have little one's, you can spiff up their turkey hand drawings with this fun page here.


MarySue said...

I remember those darling place cards you made. They were so cute on the holiday table.

Audra said...

LOVE, Love, love it!

Thanks for the ideas. I am going to do that leaf one.

Love the place cards. SO FUN! TOO many ideas. I am still working on my dolls. I will need stuffing soon.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I got a kick out of those dressed up pages for a child's "turkey" hand. Cute!

I'm glad you like the trees enough to try and use them. It's a very special tradition at our house. Thanks for spreading the word about them!