Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday's Treasure

As a "desert dweller", I was pretty excited to find these acorn-ish things at the park today! When my eye first saw them, I thought of these. Then I called my daughter over, telling her I'd found some fairy hats, rambling on about them leaving their hats behind after their party last night.

So I Googled "acorn fairy hats" when we got home and found this. Over the top cute and I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe I'd take a stab at making one, because if you're like me, you look at something and say "Oh, I could totally make that!" And sometimes we actually do.


MarySue said...

Thanks for letting me share that fun outing. The pixie dolls are outrageous!

***Carly**** said...

"Oh, I could totally make that!".... is this a 'Deja Vu' , or is it just me?.... :P :) :D

Love the fairy. PLEASE ATTEMPT IT! I wanna see.