Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Fairy Girls" Collage

I've decided it's time to part with these sweet wand-waving, wing-flapping, crown-wearing fairy girls and let them find a new home. They were so fun to create and I certainly fell in love with glitter during this project!

This little "Trust In Love" fairy girl is one of my favs. Her little pouting mouth is too precious!

Click on this picture to "super-size" it!
You can see more detailed pictures of this collage here in my shop.


Audra said...

I still love the glitter that you let us use for Rylee's bird. She has it in her room. Not sure cute as yours, but I love the glitter crafts.

Do you love your separate blogs?

Trevlyn said...

Congratulations, Audra, for being the FIRST COMMENT ON MY NEW BLOG!!! You win a blue and brown striped bunny ~ oh, wait ~ I already gave it to you! Aren't you impressed with my foresight?! Gotta love that Magic 8 Ball! :) hee hee!

I'm so glad she has her pretty bird up still ~ quite crafty, that one is! I'm still wiggling my feet around in this new blog...I LOVE that you came by!