Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ruffled Feathers

Now that the "Back to School" dust is settling and we're getting our groove back on, I pulled out my sewing stuff last night and started working on a big "pillow-ish" owl.

I'm calling her "Lily" because her bright colored fabric comes from an Oilily dress. She's really quite the name-brand little "tweet"! A combination of a Talbots merino wool sweater made in Italy, the fun Euro Oilily dress and a felted wool Gap beak.

But don't let all the name-brand-dropping fool you. She's as humble as pie and with those precious ruffled wings, she's ready to flap off to a new home. You can find her here in the shop.

1 comment:

Trevlyn said...

Little Miss Owl has flown off to Puerto Rico! Hasta luego!