Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's About Time!

I'm thrilled to announce the first give away on my official Sweet Tweets Blog!
Enter by leaving a comment (feel free to gush!) between now and Friday, September 19th at 11:29 PM.

Winner will be announced by 10:00 am Saturday morning, September 20th!
What's the give away, you ask? Oh, yeah! This adorable (to me) handmade patchwork bunny made (by me) from a repurposed pillow case is the PRIZE! She ('cuz it sure doesn't look like a HE!) stands 10" tall and has a cute little felt face with hand embroidered eyes, nose and mouth. Pretty sweet! Have fun!


CK said...

oh I so want to win this. It is just beautiful!!

hondaray6 said...

Now that is one tweet wabbit! She does have a smug look on her face that says she is all that and a couple carrots! Thanks!

quitecontrary1977 said...

She's so cute! I'd love to tuck her into a baby shower basket I'm making for a friend!

Vashey Fam said...

Yeah, I love her! That is *way* too long to wait and find out if I won her! ....I need to do another giveaway. It's so much fun!

Audra said...

I am so glad you said gushing was allowed. I am your number 1 bunny fan! I bought 4 of your bunnies last year for Easter and my kids still LOVE THEM!

I need this patchwork bunny. But if I don't win, I know I will buy 4 at Easter time. I just thought I would try to get a head start now!

You do great work and I love the patchwork bunny. LOVE.


jeanbean said...

NO I need to win it cuz I bid and bid and bid on your nie nie auction and just couldn't win! me me me!

It's so adorable!

ps I'm having an earring giveaway so stop on by

Doreen said...

Such cute work!! :) purposedrivenlife4you(at)gmail(dot)com

micaela6955 said...

what a cutie! And most definitely a SHE, for sure. Love the colors and expression on her face, to me she looks relaxed, at peace and sleepy--perfect for a little one to hold as they fall asleep themselves.

micaela6955 at msn dot com

RyoJul said...

I just stumble across your blog from Time With Tascha. Well I saw that adorable bunny and I thought to myself "I must have it". Much to my surprise it's in a contest so I'm entering. Lucky me. Something about it says I want to go home with you. Do you think I'm crazy. I know I'm going to follow this blog from now on to see all the adorable things you create.

Amy said...

Cute cute cute cute cute!

kathee said...

love it so much, gush, gush, gush, gush, adorable, gush, gush, want it, gush, gush - wow, you are talented. gush.

sulzz said...

Eeeekkk!! *squeals*
The bunny has all my favourite things - pink and green; serene expression; and it's patchy! The wonderful combination of colours reminds me of a lollipop. She's a lollipop bunny perhaps? Hehe.

Kim said...

Hi I found your blog from Lori
I think your stuff great!

Extraordinary Housewife said...

I want, I want, I want!!!
So darling!
I absolutely love this!
hondavan at

Mandy said...

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME !!!!! I love it can you giveaway one of each of your things on your blog. You are simply amazing again. Hanna loves the bunny also. Pick OREGON -Mandy

Jody said...

This bunny is toooo cute. I absolutely love the color combinations. It will so cute with the quilt I've got started for my grandaughter Hanna. There is nothing better than a hand made gift. It is a treasure for always. Hope I'm the lucky one!

MarySue said...

I may be the only commentor that has seen this cute bunny in is adorable. I love the patchwork body fabric!