Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

We did a little shopping this weekend and found this fabulous mirror. Antique, you ask? Oh, no. It's made from a special kind of foam! And I'd know, because I accidently chipped a bit off! Found it at Ross for $29.99! I'm not one to keep bargain secrets. I've heard that getting a good shopping deal releases endorphins and I think my body gives me a little extra because I sure thrill in the hunt for a really good bargain!

In fact, I was looking around the house the other day, doing a little mental inventory of our "home decor" items and realized that most of them are from garage sales, thrift stores or peoples bulk trash piles. That's another fun post in and of itself!
(Warning: If you're just not ready for Halloween yet, you might want to back click.)

Then there are the few homemade items to fill in the spaces. You may remember this one from last year.

I know it's early, but Tessa and I had so much fun pulling out the Halloween box and unwrapping each item. It's fun when children reach the age when they can remember things from year to year!

This is just a silly little trick-or-treat bag I made YEARS ago. I hang it around the house in random spots and the kids check it because every couple days or so I'll slip some treats into it.


MarySue said...

I love, love the ornate mirror! You scored on that one. Happy for you.

Audra said...

Foam? Really. I love it. I never knew they made frames out of foam. Learn something new everyday.