Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Advent

The Christmas Advent Calendar is a childhood tradition that I cherish and have carried on in our family. If I'm on the ball I'm able to find one depicting the Nativity. Last year, one of the kiddos requested a "candy" nativity. So with November quickly disappearing, I headed to the usual places I'd found the chocolate filled calendars (Trader Joe's... Cost Plus) and found, to my great disappointment, they had SOLD OUT days ago!

Embroidered Felt Advent

So I've been thinking about advent calendars. All year. I love this one by The Pearl Bee. Definitely my speed. Lots of potential infused creativity to go along with their wonderful FREE TUTORIAL.

24 Exclusive Advent Calendar Pouches

I started poking around Etsy for some ideas to "copy" (for personal use only, of course!) I really like these pouches, but I'm a hand sewer...this would be too much work.

Merry and Bright Christmas Stocking

The gals from this cute Etsy shop and myself were mutual vendors at a local craft fair and from my location I kept eyeing these very clever advent stocking! Little pockets for each day! Super cute...too big a project for me though and we already have stockings.

Felt Pocket Christmas Countdown

I found this great advent designed by Jenny Harris over at Allsorts and thought this might just be THE one!

Then, my little dream bubble containing my wish to make a darling advent BURST and three days ago I popped into Trader Joe's and picked up four of these.
Chocolate candy advent calendars!
But they're going quickly so head on over!

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Audra said...

Looks yummy.

All of the others are crafty.

I still need to finish my dolls for my girls.